The Auto-Rail

We are proud to introduce Automated Layout Technology, LLC’s ™ Auto Rail! This is a CNC Mandrel Pipe Bending Machine, powered by Transfluid. Transfluid is a long-standing German Manufacturer of quality tube and pipe forming equipment. The Auto Rail is specifically designed for railing fabricators. It is a robust machine with software that eliminates the skills needed in calculating distance between bends and stretch lengths, just as an example

Bend Times Detailing the Efficiency:
  • Wall Rail Example with 3 bends and a length of 6’-11”; 45 seconds
  • Grab Rail Example with 5 bends and a length of 10’-6”; 65 seconds
  • Guard Rail Example with 3 bends and a length of 15’-6”; 50
  • Guard Rail Example w/ off set Handrail; 7 bends at a length of 10’-11’’; 120 seconds
The Auto Rail also drastically reduces the number of welded elbows, connections, and labor-intensive grinding, while eliminating the appropriate skills involved when using a basic top bender or semi-automatic mandrel bending machine. Add on to that the quality of a true mandrel bent part, and the Auto Rail is a smart decision!
The Auto-Rail ALT

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